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Bell Ringers

Tenor Bell

The Bells

We have 8 bells. The heaviest bell “the tenor” weighs 18cwt. For further details of the bells and their history see "Bell History"

The Band

We practice every Monday except Bank Holidays from 7.30 to 9 p.m.

We try to ring all eight bells whenever we can.


Richard Coley  (Captain)  01404 813163 : <richard.coley@mypostoffice.co.uk>
Laurie Palmer  (Ringing Master)  01404 814545 : <laurie.palmer@btinternet.com>

Social Events

Ringers Outing; (non ringers very welcome)  Late September or early October.

Ringers Annual Meal; usually held in March.

Also a wide range of ringing events in conjunction with other towers in East Devon.

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Bell History
The history of the Bells