the bells


We have 8 bells. The heaviest bell, “the tenor”, weighs 940 kg (18 cwt).




Our band practises every Monday except Bank Holidays from 7.30 to 9 p.m.

We try to ring all eight bells whenever we can.

social events


  • Ringers' Outing: (non ringers welcome)  Late September or early October.

  • Ringers' Annual Meal: usually held in March.

  • A wide range of ringing events in conjunction with other towers in East Devon



Richard Coley  (Captain)


Laurie Palmer  (Ringing Master)

the history of the bells

In the collegiate church there were two separate rings of bells. Five bells were in the south tower, which belonged to the college, whilst in the north or parish tower were hung four lighter bells.

After the dissolution of the college, it is recorded that in 1553 there was only one bell left. (Following the religious insurrection in the West Country in 1549, the church bells in Devonshire were melted down, saving only "the least of the ring"  (J.G. Nichols' Literary Remains of Edward V1 (1847)))

The present ring consists of eight bells, all of which hang in the south tower and are as follows:

The peal was recast and hung in a new frame by John Taylor & Co., Bell Founders, Loughborough in 1949.  The dedication took place on Saturday, the 29th October, 1949, and the bells rang out again after a silence of over two years.

The "Ellacombe" chiming apparatus was also restored, and in the following year the old tune-playing Carillon was put into working order again. This is set to the tune of "The Ottery Song" (below), which was composed by Bernard, second Lord Coleridge, and was first sung at a meeting of 'The Old Ottregians' Society in London on the 11th December 1910.

There is a place, dear native place!
Amid the meadows fair,
Between the hills, beside the stream,
Where blows the soft light air.
O! Ottery dear! O! Ottery fair!
The West! The West for me!