There are no age restrictions, albeit, the majority of participants have celebrated their 21st birthdays – several times over! If children do come along, the older ones are extremely generous and thoughtful and prepared to give up their toys for a while! The staff are well trained with the use of the coffee-making machinery, so mishaps are fortunately rare. Hot and cold milk is now offered with hot drinks as well as a range of fruity teas, normal and decaffeinated teas and the same for coffees. Oh, and in winter months, we also do hot chocolate (we do our best with such 'difficult' customers but there are limits)!


The facility is open to persons of any religious persuasion - or none - albeit, "religion" seems to be rarely discussed except when Grenville (see contact details top right) is in talkative mood! Rumour has it that the best way to stop this is to offer him cake.... 

Please come along on Tuesdays between 10 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. to spread your happiness or maybe dispel any blues. We don't charge, but of course all contributions are gratefully received: even the Treasurer then might smile! We look forward to seeing you; if you feel a bit reticent about coming by yourself, grab any passer-by from the street and bring them with you. Occasionally we have sensible discussions but not very often!

As the name suggests, ‘Coffee and Chat’ is just that; an opportunity to meet with others over a cup of coffee and to have a good old chat.  It's a warm, friendly and sympathetic gathering where everyone can get a word in edgeways, enjoy some brilliant humour and leave the premises feeling a lot better about things than when they came in. Not to mention some of the best beverages in Ottery St Mary and all under some of the most beautiful fan-vaulting in the country! What other beverage provider can boast that? More often than not, cakes and biscuits miraculously appear, especially around the occasions of anniversaries and birthdays!


Grenville Gilbert