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Explore is our informal service for all ages. We meet most Sundays at 11.15am

Who are we?

Many people have come to Explore and discovered who Jesus is and can be to them.  We’re a family and a place that feels home. Explore is really for anyone who’s curious.  These days there’s about twenty five to thirty five of us, from young to old, enjoying life and God together. We’re part of the Ottery St Mary Parish Church, and share its vision to Know Christ better and make Him better known..



When do we meet?

We come together on Sunday mornings and share life through the week too.


We meet at  Ottery St Mary Parish Church, at the top of the hill North of the Square.  The Explore service starts at 11.15.

  • 1st and 2nd Sundays of each month:  11.15am  Informal service including separate meetings for the children halfway through.

  • 3rd Sundays of each month:  11.15am  Informal communion followed by a bring and share lunch.

  • 4th Sundays of each month:  4.30pm  Cake and Bible Study at someone’s home in the town.  No morning Explore meeting.

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What goes on?

The meeting will last an hour.  For the first half an hour any children you bring will be with you and all ages together will sing, have some fun and explore whatever we’re looking at together.  It’s specifically designed with you in mind if you’re not used to Church, and it’s planned that both you and your children will have a good time and feel welcomed and at ease.   We’ll sing a bit with some singers and a piano or guitar, beautiful violin playing sometimes.  The activities are designed to encourage dialogue and later there will be a couple of short optional discussion groups to choose from.  At the end tea and good filter coffee is served.  We’ve found this to be a great opportunity to get to know one another better and share our lives together.

Information for parents...

If you have children, halfway through the meeting they will go out to their own meetings, and it’s accepted they are going to have a better time than we do!  They come back in for squash and biscuits when we’re having tea and coffee.

On the third Sunday of each month the meeting’s only about 45 minutes, the children stay with us the whole time, and we have communion (bread and wine) informally together.  Then we stick around for a bring and share meal afterwards.

On the fourth Sunday of any month, we don’t have a morning service, and instead we meet at someone’s house in the town, eat cake and biscuits, drink tea and study a Bible passage together.  We meet 4.30pm and study 5-6pm.  Children come too and play with an adult supervising.

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