There are a variety of groups of people who meet regularly in homes......


Thorne Farm house group


the group started with

just Thorne Farm residents, we now

have 4 members from outside the estate with

3 of the original group. We meet at 63 Thorne Farm Way

(the home of Helen Atkinson). We take it in turn to lead, although it usually

falls on the same four, as we do not wish to pressurize anyone. We usually study a book

of the Bible, with the aid of a guidance book, and currently (Oct 2018) are studying the book of James. We spent many weeks studying the 23rd Psalm - who would think that these few verses would give so much content and discussion. We end each meeting with prayer. We share each others' problems and joys, and anything personal remains confidential. New members are always welcome!

Fortnightly, on Tuesdays 10:30 am


Helen Atkinson

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We regret to inform you that this group is no longer meeting

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Gateway house group

Fortnightly, Fridays 8:00pm


John Ward

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is an informal house

group where we meet to drink wine,

relax and maybe have the occasional chat

or lively debate. We encourage people to voice their views,

share their feelings and not only try to answer the questions but

question the answers too! Saying that, the most important thing to us is that

people are comfortable and having fun. We often share meals together, each contributing a few dishes and make the times we meet up something to really look forward to! There are about 12 of us in the group but numbers will vary depending on who can make it to each meeting.

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08:00 pm


Pat McClymont

thorne cottages house group


asked on Tuesday

night at our meeting what everyone

thought of our group there were comments

such as “laughter, acceptance, friendship, belonging, care

for each other, family, expressing faith, commitment" and to cap it all

somebody suggested that we were a “versatile and interesting collection of bodies”!!.

We meet every Tuesday at 7 Thorne Cottages and, as well as all of the above we have cake

and bubbly for anyone’s birthday, and study the Word, pray and sing. There is room for questions to be asked and support to be given, and each one goes away with something to think about from the evening’s discussion. We also take evenings off to have a film night, or fish and chips and have even been away together which was really special.

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