pastoral care

In our church we believe pastoral care as not just the responsibility of the Clergy but of all church members. It is our duty as Christians to help others by listening, responding, praying and providing caring support. We view pastoral care as the vocation of the whole people of God.

pastoral Visiting

Our Church's intention is to provide support that is structured, comprehensive and inclusive to all.

We have a group of Pastoral Visitors available to support individuals at difficult times such as - long term sickness, bereavement, relationship breakdown, debt, victims of crime or abuse, local emergencies, terminal illness, and many more.

In partnership with the clergy, Jill Rose coordinates the work of the pastoral visiting team. Please contact her, or any of the clergy if you prefer. We can then consider the most appropriate way to respond. Any information shared will be treated in confidence.


You can contact Jill via;


How can you get involved in this ministry?


  • Help pray for the pastoral visiting work as well as named individuals



  • Let us know if you would like us to make contact with you


  • Let us know if you are concerned about someone in our church community, ideally with their agreement.


  • Let us know if someone has been admitted to hospital so we can notify the chaplaincy and arrange a visit if necessary



  • Sign up to volunteer to be part of the pastoral visiting team



  • Leave us constructive feedback about experiences, good and bad - we really appreciate it!

Policy Statement on Safeguarding the Welfare of Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults 

As members of Otter Vale Mission Community we are concerned with the wholeness of each individual within God’s purpose for everyone.  

We seek to safeguard all members of our church communities, of all ages. It is the responsibility of each one of us to prevent the physical, sexual or emotional abuse of the vulnerable members of our church community, including children and young people.  

We will not tolerate any behaviour that is:

  • not respectful or

  • uses inappropriate power over children, young people or vulnerable adults.

To this end we have a Mission Community Safeguarding Policy and work in accordance with Diocese of Exeter - Safeguarding Policy and Guidance for Parishes.

  • Jill Rose (Parish Safeguarding Representative) Phone: 01404 814709