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Contactless giving in church

Updated: Apr 13

You can now use your bank debit or credit card, (or even your smartphone or smart watch!) to make your giving to our church.

A neat device has been set up with an integrated screen and payment keypad unit, located to the left of the sound desk, as you reach the central aisle crossing point.

It's really easy to use! On the display screen to the left of the keypad, you will see (underneath our church name), a series of suggested donation amounts from £5 upwards. You can choose one of these by touching it with your finger, or press the icon at the bottom marked "Other", if you prefer to give an amount not shown.

If you wish your giving amount to be Gift-Aided, you can 'tick' (by touching) the relevant box on screen, and on the first occasion you do this*, you will be asked to enter your name, and some of your address, and confirm your election, using the on-screen keypad display. *[Any subsequent donations from you will automatically be gift-aided]

To complete the transaction, the device will ask you to place your contactless card against or very near to the keypad unit - just as you might do in a supermarket or other shop! It will confirm a successful payment.

We would really encourage you to use this little machine, rather than giving cash, or even cheques. Processing cash and cheques involves a much bigger administrative overhead, as well as imposing COVID-related risks to those involved in the physical handling. If you currently use White Envelopes, it would help us hugely if you can leave - next to the payment device - the unused envelope(s) to which your donations relate, marked simply with the amount(s) you've given.

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